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Chief Executive Officer
& Founder

Sherelle Hogan

"A scholar said to me "Pure Heart saved my life. If you survived this Ms. Sherelle, then so can I." In the that moment, I fully understood the power in mentorship, service, and the impact of my purpose."

Currently 2.7 million children in the U.S have a parent incarcerated. Statistics show that children of incarcerated parents are 7 times more likely to enter the criminal justice system. As a victim of parental incarceration, Sherelle faced a childhood of trauma related challenges that she had to fight to maintain physical, psychological, and spiritual freedom. 


Though her upbringing was harrowing, Sherelle found purpose in her journey and turned her adolescent experience into her life's work. Vowing to be an advocate for children of incarcerated parents and ensuring that other children in similar situations are not only heard but that they aren’t forgotten.


Since 2015, as the founder of “Pure Heart Foundation”, for over 2,500 children, or scholars as their referred to in the program, Sherelle has supplied scholarships, jobs, counseling, and a community of awareness that has not only provided a voice for the voiceless but has restored a sense of self worth for everyone who enters the program.


With a goal of decreasing generational incarceration, including “the school to prison pipeline” and creating a new cycle of hope, love, and financial sustainability, Sherelle illustrates her journey to freedom through her book entitled “The Prisoners’ Kid”. In 2018 Sherelle went on a book tour she named “Reforming the System from Inside”, visiting prisons around the country and speaking with inmates to discuss how to break the cycle. The journey to freedom has only begun. 


Sherelle attended University of Michigan, obtaining a BA in Child Psychology. Outside of Sherelle’s purpose work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves attending church, playing basketball, reading, and fashion.



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