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Make the call, so our scholars can afford to answer when their incarcerated parent calls


Let's make the call together.



The Purpose

#TheCallOfImpact is a call to action challenge designed to spread awareness of the silent struggles children with incarcerated parents face. The COVID-19 global pandemic has become a devastating factor in the communication for children of inmates. The financial burden families face daily makes it significantly harder for children to consistently communicate with their parent(s) while incarcerated. 

The Goal

To provide funding support for children of incarcerated parents so they can stay connected with their parents through phone communication and provide family reunification services that will preserve, develop, and improve the relationships between the child and their incarcerated parent.

The Challenge

Our Fundraising Goal : The Impact

32,000 Minutes

That's $200,000 and 12,000 calls.


All funds raised will be allocated to expand family reunification wraparound services and include the following: 

  • Fund 250 youth to communicate with their incarcerated parent 4 times a month

  • video chat twice a month

  • visitations (pending COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions)

  • Hire family reunification coordinator

The family reunification coordinator will provide these programs for our scholars and families:

  • Family Counseling

  • Parent and child reunifying counseling

  • letter writing

  • parenting classes

  • caregiver support groups

  • reentry resources for returning parent

3% of our fundraising goal has been met so far.

Voices of Impact

The Voices of Impact Call Series

starting April 6, 2021

The Impact

The Impact of Parents Incarcerated