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Family reunification is one of the most vital pillars in the IAYD (Integrated Approach to Youth Development)  because it helps improve, heal, and reunify children and their incarcerated parents. Studies suggest that when a child communicates and visits their parent while incarcerated, the child is least likely to have abandonment barriers, behavioral, and comprehension barriers. Pure Heart encourages family reunification to take place for the well-being of our scholars and families.


We offer the following programs: 

  • Letter Writing: Every Saturday, scholars will meet at Pure Heart house to write letters to their parents and they will also get their picture taken by a professional photographer periodically to send to their parents. 

  • Visitations: Scholars and families are provided with financial assistance to cover travel expenses to ensure each scholar is able to visit their parents. 

  • Family Reunifying Counseling 

  • Parenting classes and parenting resources 

  • Caregiver support group 

Due to global pandemic, we encourage scholars to continue to write letters to their parents and we will assist with any needs that may arise- even if it is just a stamp!  

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