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About us

Mission Statement

Pure Heart Foundation is a community based, non-profit organization that offers therapeutic, emotional learning and embracing experiences for children of Incarcerated parents. Pure Heart Foundation is designed to embrace and respond to the overall concerns of children from incarcerated parents and households.

What we do?

Pure Heart provides embracing experiences for children of incarcerated parents. We understand the traumatic effect it has on each child mentally, socially, academically and financially. Pure Heart aims to create a safe haven for each child to express themselves, break emotional barriers, encourage one another and face this huge giant with children who can empathize with them. Bridging the gap through a positive atmosphere, academic enhancement, mentorship and character development. We will turn doubts into dreams, heal hurt hearts and break the cycle of incarceration.

Why we do it?

Pure Heart aims to give children the necessary tools and resources needed in order for them to become fitting citizens of society and compete in this global world. Our goal is to give these children all opportunities possible so they can be all they can be and maximize each life experience. It is noticeable the circumstances that plague the youth of incarcerated parents and Pure Heart strives to give these scholars a place where they can be motivated, inspired, and supported in their efforts. Through therapeutic, emotional learning and embracing experiences. Pure Heart will enhance and strengthen children in areas needed.

meet our Founder
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Sherelle Hogan

Dear: Supporters and Friends,

I founded Pure Heart Foundation in 2011 and became active in 2014. With so much focus on the incarceration rate rising in Michigan, I noticed children of these incarcerated parents were forgotten. It was important to me that we focused on these children, who has been psychologically affected. When experiencing such a traumatic circumstance as a child, it can lead to the ultimate stigma which is being emotionally unavailable, uneducated and placed in the criminal system.

As an overcomer, it was my obligation to create a safe haven for these children to come together and see that they are not alone. Pure Heart Foundation has created effective programs that will not only enhance these children academically but it will help them break barriers and succeed in life in spite their circumstance. With your help, I am proud to announce that we have provided our services offered to children and families that urgently needed advocacy, support and intervention.


Striving to do more work, it is necessary that we continue to place a hand on the cycle of imprisonment in the urban communities. The recent evidence of reoccurring events in Michigan and being name of one of the most dangerous states shows that the system has gone beyond the reach of the criminal system. The need for effective change and positive outlets is tremendous here, our children must stop suffering. This organization fills the gap by responding to the overall concern of children of incarcerated parents. Approximately 10 million children have a parent that’s been incarcerated. Currently 2.3 million nationwide has a parent in state or federal prison. 200,000 children in Michigan has a parent currently incarcerated. 1 out 10 children in Michigan has a parent currently incarcerated. 4 out of 10 children in Detroit has a parent incarcerated. Therefore, it is with great urgency that I entreat you to support organizations like Pure Heart Foundation that help young people strive to be the best they can be. It is through the diligent actions of people like you that make the real change effective. Consider becoming a volunteer, mentor, tutor, or donating to programs that are ran by short budgets.

No matter how small the contribution may be to you, it is huge to us. The donations add up a great deal and is used towards helping these children become fitting citizens in this global world.


On behalf of Pure Heart Foundation, I would like to commend you for joining us and making a difference in children lives.


Our staff and I will continue to develop programs, provide

resources and create the environment that is needed in this



Change. Children. Lives. I care.


Sherelle Hogan,

Founder & President  

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