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COVID-19- Letter from CEO

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

In response to COVID-19, I pray this letter reaches you well. As we reshape and adjust to our new norm due to this pandemic (COVID-19), it was imperative that I acknowledge our strength, resilience and hope even in this time.

To our scholars, on behalf of Pure Heart Foundation, we are proud of your strength and courage. We know many of you do not understand this pause of life and not being able to attend school. I want you to know that our team is in the front lines reshaping programs to ensure you are supported mentally, educationally, and financially. To our caregivers, we are proud of your strength as you keep your household together through this pandemic. Please be gentle on yourself during this difficult time.

To our stakeholders and supporters, Thank you. Thank you for supporting our efforts and bringing awareness to our work, and most importantly thank you for your contributions that allows us to support our families and organization in this pandemic. We will survive this pandemic and continue to break the cycle of incarceration one scholar at a time.

Please stay home and stay safe! See you all soon.

Sherelle Hogan,

CEO & Founder

Pure Heart Foundation

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