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Director Of  Operations

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Keith L. Bennett

As a relatively young organization of professionals Pure Heart Foundation understands the importance of having a blend of energetic youthful vision, energy, experience, and wisdom. After serving as an unofficial behind the scenes advisor for a several years Pure Heart Foundation strategically and enthusiastically added Keith L. Bennett, to an already productive and growing staff. Known to many throughout the City of Detroit and country as Detroit’s GOD FATHER, the Governor, or simply Mr. B., Bennett now serves as Pure Heart Foundations, Director of Operations. Bennett adds unapparelled experience, expertise, leadership, and proven wisdom that enhances Pure Heart Foundations mission and vision.


Mr. B. has a remarkable forty-plus year professional career entrenched in youth services, human and social service administrative leadership, management, along with life, social skills and workforce development program and curriculum design. However, Mr. B. may be most known for his huge and exemplary footprint in prison reentry industry services. Among Bennett’s past endeavors include serving as a well-known college basketball coach early in his career, as a Youth Specialist in the juvenile justice system, along with managerial stops at Boysville of Michigan, and Starr Commonwealth, where he served and managed services for youth under State supervised foster care and/or supervision. However, Bennett’s work and contributions to full prison reentry services as a Director at Focus: HOPE under the late Father William Cunningham and Eleanor Jositias, and his subsequent one-of-a-kind footprint as architect and Director of the nationally known and respected Flip the Script Empowerment programs and services at Goodwill Industries Detroit, is where his leadership and work became most notable and not able to dispute. The local, state, and national honors and awards Bennett has earned in leadership, management and community activism are too numerous and extensive to list. Bennett holds three college degrees including a Bachelor degree in Management and Organizational Development, as well as a degree in Marketing, and Corrections Administration.

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