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"Some of the most beautiful roses have the most painful thorns."


Bianca White

Bianca White is the Mentorship Specialist at Pure Heart Foundation. She has a passion and dedication to assist in the journeys of youth. Since she was a child, working in her mom's daycare, she was always interested in helping young people. Growing up, she understood that everyone came from different walks of life, but that no one deserved to be a statistic because of the choices of their parents or loved ones. She is passionate about helping at-risk youth realign themselves to fulfill their destiny and positive trajectory of their life.

She studies Social Work with minors in Youth Services and Psychology at Saginaw Valley State University, While in school, she volunteered with the GearUp program, working with high school youth struggling academically and emotionally. 

Due to the recent loss of her best friend, she decided to take a detour in life and pursue her ultimate passion of helping young people. She believes that no matter what life throws at you, it is your responsibility to roll with the punches and get up, scars and all, to prove that you are stronger than the obstacles. 

She believes that with the proper resources, mentorship, and encouragement, children of incarcerated parents can keep hope and love at the center. Her mission at Pure Heart Foundation is to empower scholars and align them with  positive adult mentors.


Bianca is now heavily invested in ministry as she works full time serving as the Executive Administrator, Worship Leader, Associate Minister, and Youth Leader at Christian Tabernacle Church. 

She enjoys traveling to different countries and tropical places, taking on new challenges, and embarking on new adventures while exploring! 



Bianca's Focus & Services

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