There are 4 different ways you can donate your time: 




If you want to volunteer here and there but can’t dedicate consistent time, then volunteering for events would be a great fit for you!

Typically, we have scholar activities once a month and an event every 3 months. When scholars have their (virtual) monthly activity, we need volunteers to drive supplies to them! Or if we giving out essential item boxes to our families, we need volunteers! 




If you’re someone who loves working with youth we want to encourage you to become a mentor! Mentoring is part of the foundation that makes up Pure Heart. Mentoring a scholar means chatting or video chatting with them using our dedicated scholar chat software, meeting up with them for a socially distanced activity, checking up on how they’re feeling or how their homework is coming along, and so much more.

With guidance and support from our mentorship specialist, you can decide how you would like to interact with your mentee and make the most of your time with us! 

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Tutoring is also an extremely important and special way to interact with our scholars and  families. You will have flexibility as a tutor while scheduling virtual sessions with scholars and tutoring your favorite subjects if you want! 

You will receive support and guidance from our tutoring specialist to engage with our scholars in a creative way!

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If you want to volunteer, and enjoy filling out paperwork, organize office space, make phone calls, greet people that come into our office, or research then volunteering as an administrator would be a great way to donate your time!


With guidance and support from our site coordinator and assistant site coordinator, you can decide what you’re most interested in and start from there! 


Becoming a Pure Heart Volunteer

If you’re interested in working directly with our scholars as either a mentor, tutor, or scholar event please complete the volunteer application and someone will reach out to you shortly. 


Please note, since mentors, tutors, and some event volunteers work directly with minors, they will need to go through a background check per the state of michigan law.