Pure Heart Foundation's mission is to embrace children with incarcerated parents and empower them to break the cycle of generational involvement in the criminal justice system. Pure Heart recognizes that children with incarcerated parents have been the silent victims of mass incarceration for far too long and it is the overall goal to address the silent struggles they face daily. Pure Heart is a dedicated 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization located in Detroit, Michigan but serves across the state.

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After growing up with both parents incarcerated through much of her childhood, our Founder and CEO Ms. Sherelle Hogan hoped during that time she had a community or individuals that understood her and what she was going through. After breaking the cycle of generational incarceration in her family, she began to research if children with incarcerated parents were still forgotten like she was as a child. After research, Our Founder realized the lack of resources and support  for children with incarcerated parents still existed and  in 2015 she Founded Pure Heart Foundation to break the cycle. 


Since Pure Heart's inception, we have provided immediate intervention and support for over 2,500 families through financial, emotional, and academic support. Pure Heart Foundation fostered a partnership of expansion by partnering with Prison Fellowship which connected Pure Heart with families impacted by mass incarceration and with One Day With God, an organization that hosted a day camp inside of prison facilities to reunify youth with their parents for a day. Pure Heart has formed several partnerships with community organizations to further our efforts in dismantling the school to prison pipeline and creating a new cycle of hope that will ensure children with incarcerated parents overall concerns are addressed and supported .


Pure Heart Foundation has established funding partnerships with the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, and other motivated funding partners. Pure Heart Foundation has raised over $350,000 including in kind donations. As our program continues to grow, it will require expanding our budget and operation capacity! 


We have a 100% graduation rate and have seen a 98% emotional and behavioral improvement rate. We are proud to say that NONE of our scholars have entered the criminal justice system. Please continue to follow our journey as we strive to end the cycle of incarceration one scholar at a time.

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