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73% of children with an incarcerated parent face trauma outside of their parents being incarcerated including some type of physical or emotional abuse. The psychological devastation a child faces from losing their parent to incarceration can result in emotional and behavioral imbalances. The mental health of our scholars is the core of our foundation. Our programs provide a holistic focus on the scholar, their family and  their environment. All scholars are encouraged to participate in the mental wellness programs such as:


  • individual therapy

  • group therapy

  • peer support groups

  • family therapy

  • mentorship

All of our staff and partners are professionally trained and or licensed to provide mental wellness support to our scholars as we walk into the journey of healing with them.


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The starting program of Pure Heart Foundation was mentorship. We saw the impact this had on our scholars immediately, having someone there for them. Mentoring is an important aspect that provides scholars with personal support, goal setting, self-confidence and socialization that will contribute to the scholar’s success. Our mentors are screened volunteers with pure hearts. Focused on developing the character and bringing out the best in their scholar.

Our goal is to have 1:1 mentoring by 2021

Are you ready to become a mentor?


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